Down to Earth

Being a Housewife

Friday, 20 June 2014
Dear Bloggy, I was a career woman. After getting married and resigned from my academic legal job, I am starting to experience the career as a housewife. It is not that bad at all. In term of time management is not much different when I was a lecturer where your daily tasks are decided at your hands. As long as the job is complete for that day, it is fine. The only thing is different is the kind of task that I am handling. Previously, my task was teaching and researching on legal matters but now no more teaching, doing much more easier tasks such as house chores, shoppings ( I mean household things) and sometimes researching for next vacation trip for family. What I am trying to say here, everything is depends on how are we are going to deal with our daily life. Honestly, I do miss my career life but being a housewife is not that bad. In order to keep myself fit with knowledge, I occupied myself with lots of reading. Of course I do not want to be a dumb housewife who only do household things. And I kind of love it when now I have plenty of time to read variety of books rather than just stick to legal matters. P/S: Housewife is just a temporary job and I am going to apply for tutoring or paralegal job here soon.

Nostalgic Walk

Wednesday, 18 June 2014
Dear Bloggy, This morning I decided to go for swimming at the University of Liverpool Sport Centre. I had to admit that today it was a nostalgic walk from the apartment, I walked across the town central and up the slightly hilly side to the University campus area. Lots of renovation is going on and some have completely done. The obvious change is my former law school building. It has turned to be the hub teaching centre and the law school has moved to a new building called Eleanor Rathbone Building sharing with the School of Psychology.
The University of Liverpool- near the Engineering Schools
The Former Building of Law School
The New Law School Building


Tuesday, 17 June 2014
Dear Bloggy, Yesterday, I was trying so hard to create a new blog with the hope that I could make new layouts and mature posting about my marriage life. I did successfully created an account but unfortunately there too many procedural steps which disallowed me to publish my first post. In the end, I decided to return to my "Down to Earth" blog that I created few years back. I guess, I still love this layout and the setting of this blog. I decided to return and start to write again in this blog. Really hope that I could maintain it as long as I live.

The New Bloggy

Friday, 25 December 2009
Dear Bloggy,

I have decided to create another blog using blogspot account. The link of the new blog is named as saiteruohanani which mean beautiful flower two. Most of the stories in the current blog are about my stays in overseas and some stories of what happened to me after I came back from overseas. This time, the second season of saiteruohana will be about my current life path which is now getting mature and much interesting.

I do hope my friends or followers do continue reading my stories in the new blog. Therefore, I officially not closing down this blog but end up writing here.

With much love,

the creator of Saiteruohana ^^

The Neighbourhood Spirit

Sunday, 22 November 2009
Dear Bloggy,

Good morning ;)
Last night I could not sleep well. There was loud rain and I bet it was really windy outside. But in the morning when I woke up, Alhamdulillah the rain suddenly stop and the water level in front of my house has been reduced. I guess Allah have been listened to my voice because I asked Him to stop the rain and avoid flood around my home area.

The day before yesterday, I slept at my friends' house. I found that there is water dripping from the ceiling, few cracks and the lamp in my room almost fall off! I was deadly worried and called my landlord asking for her helped. Coincidentally, her elder brother is one of my neighbours. So yesterday, two of my neighbours (one of them is my landlord's brother) came to check my house and they settled everything.
The crack thing which I was worried about was actually some sort of paint used for the wall. And they adjusted the lamp and they informed that it almost drop because of the screw did not fit well through the ceiling. However, there are several holes on the roof and that is why water keep dripping from the ceiling. They promised me that there will be men who will come and repair the roof for me.

Fuh! How glad am I! Now, I feel a little safe. At the same time, I just feel glad that there is such a good neighbourhood spirit around the place I am staying right now. I do not think I am able to experience and meet such helpfull people if I were in KL.

It's so Rain here!

Saturday, 21 November 2009
Dear Bloggy,

Of all my life, this is my first time experience a true rainny season. Just imagine here in Dungun, it has been rainning 24/7 for 4 days!!! My goodness. I wonder whether the weather has ever feel so tired. I just feel like the earth is crying terribly. Anyway, I kinda enjoy the cool weather. It just feel like in the UK. But the rain in the UK was not as wet as this!

I wanted to go out and shopping in town but the wet weather just drown my shopping mood away. Sigh... Missing the sun again. So, I decided to stay indoor and start updating saiteruohana. Planned to change and upgrade my blog's template. However, doing so I have to erase lots of things and rearange the whole thing again. Yeah, back to zero. I guess, I should just maintain the blog this way.

Since I came back to Malaysia, I have lost my interest in photography. I have no idea why. Maybe there are much more interesting things to snap back then in the UK rather here. But I do notice some beautiful things to be taken over here. I dunno whats exactly wrong with me. Is it because I am too busy to get into photography or I just lost that touch. Sigh... I am missing those moments in the UK where I am so into taking pictures around me. Maybe I need to buy a new camera. SLR? Maybe?heh ;)

Happy Aniversary!

Thursday, 12 November 2009
Dear Bloggy,

By 16th Nov 2009, it would be a year I have worked with UiTM Dungun. A lot of things have been going on around me through out this year. I have been really enjoy my working life though I do miss my student life. Lots of plans in my head but I could not figure out whats coming ahead me. Whatever it is, I am trying my best to treasure and enjoy every little things that happening currently. Also, soon would be new year! One of my new year resolutions is to keep blogging in my bloggy. If I have time, I would like to change the template into a better version. However, still depends on time since working life is very time consuming. Anyway, see how it goes!

P/S: Thanks for those who still visiting my blog. Insyaallah will tell you much more interesting stories.